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The true effects of co-operating with landscape and communities can be reached by actions that are based on voluntarism - or as we like to say it – rooted in love. For voluntarism, on one side you need, faith, trust, and humbleness – and on the other side courage, cooperativeness, acceptance, regard, curiosity, and openness. We do not advertise these values, we only mention them because of the spiritual aspect of voluntarism, however, all of these can be experienced in the kalákas.

A great part of the work of the Ars Topia Foundation is carried out with enthusiasm, commitment, and voluntarism. The necessary materials and tools are procured by using the resources won on tenders or received as donations, in collaboration with civil organizations from Hungary and abroad. Our research on landscape and landscape surveying work are an exception, because due to the necessary time needed and the amount of work, these projects are carried out in a non-profit, but not voluntary way.

Participating our programs is completely voluntary, and we provide the legal framework of it according to the Act LXXXVIII of 2005 on Voluntary Work. In accordance with this, we sign a Contract for Voluntarism with the voluntary participants of the kalákas, and we annually refresh our database of them. We act by the law and report our kalákas as voluntary work with public benefits.

We welcome the help of volunteers in all of our programs and projects, let it be planning or administrative tasks for kalákas, physical work, finding sponsors, setting up exhibitions, organizing a conference, or editing a booklet.

Since our Foundation was born thousands of volunteers participated in our programs and dozens joined in for the background tasks.


Phone: 06-30-389-6080

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