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Willow Camps

Building with living materials is an ancient desire of humans. Willow-architecture strengthens the connection of the community and nature. Joining the traditions of gardening culture and the craft of willow weaving humans don’t simply raise questions about the responsibility for nature, but also create a common space for architecture, landscape architecture, and land art. The aim of our program launched in 2015 was to create opportunity for dialogue between complimentary fields, to conduce the sharing of professional experience, and to provide the participants with a chance to learn. Building with living materials can surely provide plenty of learning opportunities. It gives new perspectives, counter to the overwhelming degradation processes, in this case, our structures are constantly growing, which requires a different kind of attention from us. Maintenance is replaced by the experience of co-existence. We do not create a static place, therefore we have to foresee what happens in the next 5-10 years – the growth, the possibilities of further development for example opportunity to create new levels and new spaces. The most exciting challenge of willow architecture might be the shaping. The foundation of the structures are the ribs and the shape builds on their flexibility – not on their rigidness, but on the balance and play of their stiffness and inertia. It is not constructed from planes; therefore, it does not have to stop at using standard spatial forms. We wish to share this experience in each of our upcoming willow camps.

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